The Lakewood Garden Club Education Committee was established in accordance with the Club’s mission statement “to promote interest and knowledge in gardening,…” Its founding co-chairs were Mary Jo Potts and Judy Riley.  How does one begin to promote interest and knowledge in gardening?  The Education Committee concentrated on introducing school children to the delights and miracles of the green and growing world.

To that end, the Lakewood Garden Club’s Education Committee has initiated projects such as working with school teachers to install gardens in elementary and middle schools; promoting and, initiating the financing of the “Veggie U.” science program for Lakewood fourth graders  (Veggie U. is a state of Ohio accredited science program designed by the Culinary Vegetable Institute);  resurrecting and providing on-going support for  Lakewood High School’s greenhouse.  Most recently, the Education Committee is fundraising to build an outdoor horticulture classroom/learning lab as an adjunct to the greenhouse experience.





In the spring of 2011, sculpture and a memorial plaque were installed in the Isaac Warren Park as a tribute to Helene Accordian, who passed away suddenly on July 29, 2010.  Helene was a member of the Lakewood Garden Club for 10+ years, and for many of those years, she was our corresponding secretary responsible for producing the newsletter.  Also, Helene was a dedicated volunteer at the Isaac Warren Park and the Cleveland Botanical Garden.


Friends and garden club members requested an opportunity to make contributions to the Lakewood Garden Club in Helene’s memory.  The contributions were used to purchase a sculpture that was designed by R. J. Stovicek from Vermillion, Ohio, which was selected by Helene’s family.  The Lakewood Garden Club purchased a granite plaque, as a tribute to Helene and all garden club members who have passed.  This sculpture is symbolic for all our passing garden club members.  It is placed in a beautiful park that our members maintain, where we go to garden, or to simply walk, pause and sit for a moment to reflect and recollect our fond memories of our dear friends.



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